The reasons and solutions for Excavator hydraulic quick hitch coupler cylinder not stretching and retracting

INDUSTRY NEWS 2023-09-08

As the price of excavators decreases, competition in the excavator rental industry becomes fierce. Increasing the diversity of excavator attachments is a good choice to increase their competitiveness. Among them, quick hitch couplers have become the necessary excavator attachment because they can quickly replace other attachments. Hydraulic quick hitch coupler installation requirement is more than mechanical type. The hydraulic cylinder is easy to not stretch and retract during use. The following are the reasons and solutions summarized by the editor.

1.  Circuit or solenoid valve problems
(1)Circuit problems: The wire is broken, the virtual connection is not energized, and the solenoid valve cannot work.
Solution: Check whether there is any disconnection or virtual connection in the circuit, and re-wiring.


(2)The solenoid valve is damaged due to collision during use and cannot work.


Solution: If the solenoid coil is damaged, replace the solenoid coil, or replace the complete solenoid valve.

2. Cylinder problems :
(1) Each cylinder is equipped with a valve core, which is also a check valve. When there is a lot of hydraulic oil, it is easy to jam, causing the cylinder to not retract.
Solution: Remove the valve core, clean it in diesel oil, and then install it.


(2)Damage to the seals of the oil cylinder will also cause the cylinder to not work.
Solution: Replace the seals or replace the cylinder assembly.


3. Safety pin problem: The safety pin was not pulled out when replacing the attachment, causing the cylinder to not be retracted. This editor has also encountered this situation.
Solution: Pull out the safety pin.


The above are the possible situations where the cylinder does not work, compiled by the editor. If this happens, you can deal with it accordingly. If you have any other questions about the installation and use of the excavator quick hitch coupler, please contact us(whatsapp:+86-15683818637). If you choose the Jiangtu quick hitch coupler, there will be very few problems, It has a good reputation among customers and has been used for 9 years.





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