Hydraulic Breakers/ Hammers

What are Hydraulic Breakers/hammers?

Hydraulic breakers or hydraulic hammers are attachments designed for demolishing concrete structures or rocks.

We produce and sell high-quality, high-reliability hydraulic breakers for excavators or backhoes, ranging from small to very large for rock demolition applications.

Uses of JIANGTU Hydraulic Breakers/hammers:
1.Mining: Mountains, mining, crushing, secondary crushing.
2. Metallurgy, slag cleaning, ladle furnace demolition, demolition equipment foundation body dissatisfied.
3.Municipal gardens: concrete crushing, water, electricity, gas engineering construction, the transformation of the old city.
4.Building: the old building demolition, reinforced concrete broken.
5.Other: ice breaking, breaking the Vibrating Sand.

3 main types of JIANGTU Hydraulic Breakers/hammers:

Low-noise Hydraulic Breakers: Low noise, saving energy and protecting the environment.

Side Type Hydraulic Rock Breakers: Versatile application including rock broken, paving the road, building demolition, etc.

Top Type Hydraulic hammers:  Applied to a special operation that in a large elevation angle.

Main Features of JIANGTU Hydraulic Breakers/hammers:

1. Cylinder & valves prevent scuffing with precision finishing treatment.
2.Piston: every piston tolerance machined perfectly according to each cylinder.
3.Chisel: 42CrMo, exceptional performance and reliability;
4.Seal kit: original NOK.

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