What is tilt rotator and how does it work?


Tilt Rotator is a kind of hydraulic quick hitch coupler for excavators, also called Tiltrotators or Rototilt Coupler, it can flexibly grasp other attachments like a human wrist, and also achieve 360-degree rotation and 45 degree tilt operations, which enables multi-directional and multi-type works while reducing the movement of the excavator, making it more efficient.

When I first saw the Tilt Rotator on TikTok, I was amazed at how high-tech it was, how quickly it could change attachments and do different jobs from any angles. Flexible and convenient, the tiltrotator is truly as flexible as a human hand. Unfortunately, as a foreign product at the time, it felt far away from us. I wondered if we would be able to use a product like this in our country one day.


But now, this high-tech product is truly around us. It has been conquered by Jiangtu‘s technical engineers now. With compact appearance, sensitive operation and easy installation, Jiangtu Tilt Rotator can rival well-known foreign brand products.

How does a tilt rotator work?

The most important feature is that our Tilt Rotator can directly attach various domestic buckets and breaker hammers, while the foreign tiltrotator must be paired with a fixed center distance, which requires domestic attachments to be equipped with an exclusive coupler or hitch first. Therefore, the increase height of the attachment can easily lead to a loss of the excavator’s digging force and increase fuel consumption.

Another advantage of Jiangtu Tilt Rotator is its excellent safety performance: it adopts a double-lock safety design that complies with EU standards. When encountering problems such as internal leakage of the oil cylinder and piston rod breakage, the pin can be locked immediately to prevent the danger caused by the attachment falling, ensuring the safety of the quick hitch.

Jiangtu Tilt Rotator double-lock safety design

The characteristics of Jiangtu Tilt Rotator are summarized as follows:

 360-degree rotation, 45-degree tilt left and right;

Jiangtu Tilt Rotator 360-degree rotation 45-degree tilt left and right
 Double-lock safety design;
 Flexible gripper design can be removable as needed;
 Intelligent visual display operation and double joysticks manual operation are optional;

 Long service life benefits from high strength and wear-resistant steel;
 Variable pin center distance design is suitable for matching all attachments to achieve multi-type operations ;
 Simple and convenient installation, excellent cost performance;

Jiangtu Tilt Rotator suitable for matching all attachments to achieve multi-type operations

Jiangtu has been focusing on manufacturing quick hitch couplers for 12 years. “Jiangtu Quick Hitch Coupler” is the icon of professionalism and durability in the domestic quick coupler industry. It is not surprising that we can develop a Tilt Rotator. The product launched this time is already a mature product that has been improved many times. The next-generation product is already under development. It will be focused on saving space through the swing cylinder, more reasonable design, and more complete functions. We are confident to accept the test of the market.

At the beginning of the new year of 2024, Jiangtu brings a new product Tilt Rotator to the market. We look forward to a good start.

Customers who order the Tilt Rotator in the first month of the new year will definitely enjoy new product discounts. For specific prices, please contact us WhatsApp/WeChat +86-15653818637.




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