The advantages of JIANGTU Attachments -Hydraulic Motor

INDUSTRY NEWS 2024-04-29

Jiangtu Procurement adheres to the concept of “global procurement, global service” and insists on serving the world with the best products.

The hydraulic motor is a rotary conversion device that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. It is widely used in excavator wood grapples, stone grapples, plate compactors, hydraulic pulverizers and other products. It is the core component of hydraulic attachments. We show you Jiangtu’s motor series as below.

In the attachments market, there are only imported and other domestic brand motors, but in Jiangtu, all motors are imported!

There are so many fakes and imitations On the hydraulic motor market. Yantai Jiangtu chooses to use the global procurement center, directly purchasing from the origin, to ensure the quality of the motor.

Jiangtu rotating grapples mainly use two brands of motor. The first brand is the imported M + S motor, which has efficient performance, strong safety, high power density, and large torque output. The stable quality and low failure rate of the M + S motor effectively improve the reliability of our rotating grapple and win the trust and praise of our customers.

The second brand is the original imported PARKER cycloid motor.

The imported motors have been rationally designed and finely processed by Jiangtu, so they fit closely with the Jiangtu motor base and are more suitable for Jiangtu wood grapples, stone grapples, and other attachments.

Hydraulic motors provide power for attachments, and high-quality motors in Jiangtu attachments are like people with a healthy heart. The high quality of Jiangtu’s attachments also benefits from the selection of high-quality accessories. This is why Jiangtu’s products are well-recognized by customers.



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