Best Hydraulic breakers for mini excavators for sale

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JIANGTU  Mini Excavator hydraulic breakers are powerful percussion hammers fitted to excavators for demolishing concrete structures or rocks.


1.Mining: Mountains, mining, crushing, secondary crushing.
2. Metallurgy, slag cleaning, ladle furnace demolition, demolition equipment foundation body dissatisfied.
3.Railway: tunnel, bridge, mountain down.
4.Highway: highway repair, cement pavement was broken, foundation excavation.
5.Other: ice breaking, breaking the Vibrating Sand


Technical Parameters

Please check the following specifications to choose the right hydraulic breaker model.
 Hydraulic Breakers for mini excavators
Category Unit JT400 JT450 JT530 JT680 JT750
Body weight kg 50 70 90 155 210
Total weight kg
70/72/100 95/95/129 140/150/155 260/343/360 330/405/450
Size mm
918*176*360 1090*215*435 1178*230*500 1365*290*770 1515*295*735
1086*156*189 1235*176*200 1344*235*370 1681*350*486 1706*390*486
1190*260*295 1331*260*295 1410*345*300 1660*328*486 1712*325*486
Working flow rate L/min 20-40 20-40 25-45 36-60 50-90
Working pressure Bar 90-120 90-120 90-120 110-140 120-170
Imapct rate bpm 700-1200 700-1200 500-1100 500-900 400-800
Hose diatmeter inch 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2
Chisel diameter mm 40 45 53 68 75
Suitable carrier ton 0.8-2 1.2-3 2.5-3 3-7 6-9

Tell us the brand and model of your mini excavator, We are very glad to help you to select the right breaker.


Main Features

Main Features of  Hydraulic Breakers for mini excavators :
1. Cylinder & valves prevent scuffing with precision finishing treatment.
2.Piston: every piston tolerance machined perfectly according to each cylinder.
3.Chisel: 42CrMo, exceptional performance and reliability;
4.Seal kit: original NOK.



JIANGTU Hydraulic breaker for mini excavators is an accessory designed to break concrete, rock and other hard materials. They work on a short-term basis in a wide range of industries including construction, demolition, and mining.

As one of the leading hydraulic breaker manufacturers in China, JIANGTU has a full range of Hydraulic Breakers for mini excavators from 0.8-9 tonne. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of mini excavators.


3 main types of hydraulic breakers for mini excavators for sale:

Side Type Excavator rock breakers: Versatile application including rock broken, paving the road, building demolition, etc.

> Low noise Hydraulic Breakers: Low noise, saving energy and protecting the environment.

Top Type Hydraulic Breakers:  Applied to a special operation that in a large elevation angle.

types of JIANGTU hydraulic breakers for excavators

Side Type Excavator Rock Breaker , Hydraulic Breakers For Excavators 0.8-60 Tonne

Top Type hydraulic breaker excavator,For Excavators 0.8-60 Tonne

Tell us the brand and model of your excavator, We are very glad to help you to select the right breaker.



How do JIANGTU Hydraulic breakers work?

JIANGTU Excavator rock breaker works on the principle of hydraulics. Such as a cylinder which is the most important part of the hydraulic system. It applies high pressure from its small canister which has pressurized hydraulic oil stored in it. They are much more powerful than other hand-held hammers.

how does a hydraulic breaker work?

Main Features of JIANGTU Hydraulic breakers for excavators:

1. Cylinder & valves prevent scuffing with precision finishing treatment.
2.Piston: every piston tolerance machined perfectly according to each cylinder.
3.Chisel: 42CrMo, exceptional performance and reliability;
4.Seal kit: original NOK.

♥ The Specifications of this equipment are subject to change for improvements.

Excellent performance with high durability. The company has been developed to meet the high standards of the current market. The demand for high durability and low maintenance costs on hydraulic equipment are combined in the total design of our attachments.

 Main Advantages:

  1. 1. Korea made cylinder;
  2. 2. Japan made NOK oil seal;
  3. 3. Full-closed housing to protect the main body;
  4. 4. Strong impact;
  5. 5. Longer lifetime of usage;

hydraulic breakers parts-JIANGT excavator attachments

types of hydraulic breakers chisel

How to choose a high-quality Hydraulic breaker for your excavator?

1. Check the company’s qualification and strength making sure the quality is guaranteed.
2. Check the company’s technical team making sure the products are safe enough.
3. How is its after-sales service? few faults? easy to operate?
4. Ensure that it matches your excavator and attachments well.

Why choose us ?

  1. 1. As the leading hydraulic beakers manufacturer in China, we have 10 years' experience in Hydraulic breakers for excavators developing and manufacturing.
  2.  2. D department,with 6 professional engineers and more than 40 skilled workers.
  3.  3. Strict QC system, ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate.
  4. 4. 12 months warranty after receiving the product, 6 months free replacement.
  5. 5. The OEM/ customization service is available.


Our Service
1. We can offer a comprehensive range of excavator attachments such as Hydraulic hammers, hydraulic breakers for excavators, excavator rock breaker, quick hitch, log grapples, plate compactor, earth drill auger, orange peel grab, demolition grapple, grab bucket, ripper, etc…
2. You may rest assured that all of our products can be supplied in a wide range of designs, and the product can be customized according to your personalized requirements. Meanwhile, we can offer an excellent after-sale service.
3. We will keep your business information confidential.
4. We promise to reply to you upon receipt of your inquiry within 12 hours.
5. The order will be produced exactly according to your detailed requirements and bucket dimensions. Each attachment will be tested before delivery. Our QC will submit an inspection report before shipment.
Offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.


JIANGTU Excavator Attachments are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of one year or 2,000 hours. Within the first 6 months, we offer a free replacement service.


Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, our factory was established in 2011.
Q: Are you sure your product will fit my excavator?
A: Yes, we are professional about this, you can also tell me your excavator model, and we will check it for you.
Q: Can you provide customers’ design?
A: Sure, we can provide OEM and ODM services.
Q: What're the MOQ and payment terms?
A: MOQ is 1set. Payment via T/T, L/C, Western Union accepted, other terms can be negotiated.
Q: How about the delivery time?
A: 15-30 workdays after the payment, depending on your quantity.
Q: How about the package?
A: Our attachments are packaged by standard export wooden case.
Q: Which country have you exported?
A: Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, etc.

We are sincerely looking for hydraulic breakers dealers from all global markets. Competitive price, policy support. For more information, please contact us.