Hydraulic shear

Looking for a good shear attachment for excavator or backhoe?

We manufacture high-quality, high-reliability Excavator shears for crushing concrete, scrap, tree, and demolition work.

Our Hydraulic shears for excavators can be also supplied to fit skid loaders, mini excavators and loader booms.

Our Excavator Shear Attachments are made from durable tool steel, easy to shim, re-sharpen, and replace. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators weighing 10 to 38 tons.

JIANGTU Excavator shear video

As the top leading Excavator Shear manufacturers in China, we have 10 years’ experience in excavator shear developing and manufacturing. We are sincerely looking for excavator shear dealers from all global markets. Competitive price, policy support. For more information, please contact us.