Causes and Solutions for the Rotating Hydraulic Excavator Wood Grapple No Rotating

INDUSTRY NEWS 2023-09-08

Excavator grapple, Wood grapple, a common attachment of excavators, is widely used in forestry. They are often used to grab, load, and unload wood, especially those with a 360-degree rotation function. It is very convenient to sort, array, and load wood. The regular customer ever asked me why the wood grapple stopped rotating.

I asked the technician and summarized common causes and solutions.

The excavator grapple currently installed on excavators is basically electronically controlled. That is, the power supply is reversed through the solenoid valve to realize the forward and reverse rotation of the rotating wood grapple. If there is no rotation, analyze and solve it from the following aspects.

1.  Check the excavator distribution valve

First, check whether the oil cylinder of the log grapple operates normally or not. If the operation is normal, start from step 2. When the operation is abnormal, you need to check whether the distribution valve can discharge oil or not. If there is no oil, then check whether the pilot opens the distribution valve or not. If the problem of the pilot oil is eliminated, consider the problem of the distribution valve and ask the repairman to repair it.


2.  Check the voltage

It is necessary to check whether the excavator voltage and the solenoid valve voltage are consistent. If they are not consistent, the solenoid valve indicator light will be on but the claws of the wood grapple will not rotate.


3.  Check the circuit

Check whether there is any disconnection or virtual connection in the circuit connection place. If there is any disconnection or virtual connection (especially if the negative electrode is in a virtual connection), reconnect it.


4. Check the solenoid valve

The coil on the solenoid valve is connected to the indicator light. If the indicator light does not light up after powering on, you need to check and solve it according to (3).If the indicator lights on the solenoid valve are all light up, disassemble the solenoid valve to see if it is stuck. If it is stuck, you need to clean the solenoid valve or replace it. Generally, it will be ok after cleaning.


5.  Check the motor

It is necessary to check whether the motor is damaged and cannot work normally. First, you can turn the claw part by hand to see if it can rotate. If it can rotate, it means that the motor output shaft is broken or the inner ring gear of the slewing support has broken teeth. If you turn it by hand, the claw part cannot rotate then it indicates that the motor is damaged and the motor needs to be repaired or replaced. ​


The above is my analysis and solutions to the problem that the rotating wood grapple does not rotate. I hope it can help users of the wood grapple. If you have any question about the installation and use of the attachments, please contact us(whatsapp: +86-15653818637). ​

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