Fully Automatic Double-locking Hydraulic Excavator Quick Coupler



Fully automatic Hydraulic double-locking excavator quick coupler can help the excavator to realize fully automatic and quickly changeable of various attachments such as buckets and breakers in the cab.

Inspired by German quick hitch coupler, Jiangtu engineers have developed this product with national utility model patents, appearance patents and European CE certification through continuous research and development, improvement and market verification. It is currently sold well in European and American countries.

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Description of JIANGTU Fully Automatic Double-locking Excavator Quick Coupler

The Fully Automatic double-locking Excavator Quick Coupler can help the excavator to realize fully automatic and quickly changeable of various attachments such as buckets and breakers in the cab.

Safety issues

The most prominent advantage of Jiangtu fully automatic double locking hydraulic quick hitch coupler is safe.It cancels the hand-inserted safety pin on the basis of the safety of ordinary hydraulic quick hitch coupler. The safety spring and safety hook together form a double safety guarantee against failure.

1. The linkage safety block is installed at the rear hook of the hitch coupler (as attached photo). If the front hook or the piston rod of the cylinder breaks, the safety hook can lock the top pins of the bucket to prevent the bucket and other accessories from falling and causing danger.

2. The safety spring is another important guarantee. When there is a problem such as internal leakage of the oil cylinder, if there is no safety spring, the oil cylinder will retract and drive the safety hook to retract, the hitch coupler and the attachment will be easily separated, and the safety spring will stop the retraction of the oil cylinder and the safety hook to achieve the purpose of protection.

3. In addition, a safety valve is built into the cylinder, to prevent the cylinder from shrinking, forming multiple safety guarantees.


Jiangtu’s after-sales service solemnly promises: six-month replacement and one-year warranty; this after-sales guarantee is beyond the reach of other quick hitch coupler brands in the Chinese market.

Please check the following specifications to choose the right Quick Hitch Coupler model.


Fully Automatic Double-locking hydraulic excavator quick hitch coupler
 Category/Model  UnitJT-00JT-01JT-02AJT-02BJT-04JT-06JT-08JT-10JT-14JT-17
 Length L2mm440527550580590750950105011001150
 Width Wmm158270145-175145-175160-230220-270300-340550-600602-666610-760
 Height H1mm270325310310340460510600620630
 L1 Pins center distancemm90-125180-230230-280260-310260-320350-430430-510490-560550-600570-620
 Pin diameter Dmm25/3035/40454550/5560/6570/80100100/110100/110
 H Vertical pins center distancemm194227200200219308336370380-390380-390
 Working pressurebar25-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-30025-300
 Necessary flowLpm15-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-2515-25
 Weight kg3445656578200316620600-720600-720
 Excavatorton0.8-22-44-64-66 -910-1618-2526-3030-4040-52
JIANGTU Fully Automatic Double-locking Hydraulic Quick Coupler for Common Excavator Models and Brands
ModelCarrier tonsCatterpillarVolvoJCBKubotaBobcatJohn DeereKomatsuYanmar
JT-000.8-2CAT301.7ECR18 Electric/ECR18EJCB 8061U-15-3S/U17E10/E17z17G/26G SH120-3/PC18MR-3SV08/ViO17
JT-012-4CAT302 CR/CAT303 CRECR25 Electric/ECR25D U20-5/U30-5E32/E3535G/30G ViO27-6/ViO38-6B
JT-024-6CAT306.5EC60D /EC55 Electric KX163-5/KX155E45/E5050GPC56-7/PC58-8ViO20-3/ViO60-6B
JT-046-9CAT307.5EC75D JCB JS85/JCB 8061KX175-5/KX185E63/E8560G/75GPC60-8/ PC70-8ViO85/ViO75-A
JT-0610-16CAT316 GCEC130JCB JS130LC  135GPC130-7/PC110-7  
JT-0818-25CAT323 GX/CAT323EC220DL/EC220DJCB JS240LC/JCB JS230LC  160G LCPC220-8/HB215LC-1B7Σ-5A
JT-1026-30CAT330 GCEC250   250G LCPC270-8  
JT-1430-40CAT340/CAT336EC350D/EC380JCB JS290LC/JCB JS370LC   300G LC/345G LCPC300-8M1/PC360-7 
JT-1740-52CAT 350/CAT352EC500/EC500 HAMMER   470G LCPC460LC-8/PC500LC-10M0 

Tell us the brand and model of your excavator, We are very glad to help you to select the right Quick hitch Coupler.

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Features and Advantages of JIANGTU Automatic Double-locking Excavator quick hitch coupler :

1.  Compact design, smaller, lighter in weight;
2. Double lock safety structural;
3. Large pins center distance adjustment range;
4. The "Rear hook" adopts double-layer chute design, overall force on the product is more even;
5. The "front hook" adopts an integrated hook design to avoid cracking;
6. Excellent processing precision, tolerance within 1mm;
7. Use high-strength and wear-resistant steel material to enhance service life.

The quality of Jiangtu products is well-known in the industry. The longest service life of a hydraulic quick coupler is about 9 years according to customer feedback. Considering the service life and after-sales cost, our hydraulic quick couplers' cost performance is still higher!



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♥ The Specifications of this equipment are subject to change for improvements.

Excellent performance with high durability. The company has been developed to meet with the high standards of the current market.The demand for high durability and low maintenance costs on hydraulic equipment are combined in the total design of our attachments.

Why should you need a quick hitch coupler?

1. Mainly used in the need to frequently replace the front end of the excavator working device in the work plan.

2. Ten seconds to complete the switch.

3. Time-saving, labor-saving, simple and convenient.




Why choose us ?

1. As the leading excavator bucket quick coupler manufacturer in China, we have 10 years of experience in developing and manufacturing excavator bucket quick couplers.
2. Strong R&D department with 8 professional engineers and more than 60 skilled workers.
3. Strict QC system, ISO9001:2015, and CE certificate.
4. 12 months warranty after receiving the product.
5. The OEM/ODM and customization service is available.



JIANGTU Excavator bucket quick couplers, produced by the factory, price concessions, direct shipment from the manufacturer, minimum order of one piece, can be sent worldwide, click for a quotation

Our Services of JIANGTU Excavator quick hitch

1. We can offer a comprehensive range of excavator quick hitches such as hydraulic quick hitch, tilt hitch, Mechanical quick hitch coupler for excavator, Double Locking excavator bucket quick coupler, etc…

2. You may rest assured that all of our products can be supplied in a wide range of designs, and the product can be customized according to your personalized requirements. Meanwhile, we can offer an excellent after-sale service.

3. We will keep your business information confidential.

4. We promise to reply to you upon receipt of your inquiry within 12 hours.

5. The order will be produced exactly according to your detailed requirements and bucket dimensions. Each attachment will be tested before delivery. Our QC will submit the inspection report before shipment.


Offer your design documents or tell us your ideas and our R&D team will do the rest.

Warranty of JIANGTU Excavator Quick couplers

JIANGTU Excavator quick couplers are guaranteed against failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship for a period of one year or 2,000 hours. Within the first 6 months, we offer a free replacement service.




Question:Which country have you been exported?


Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa etc.

Question:How about the Shipment?


Shipment can be made by sea, air or land. Sea loading ports include Qingdao, Yantai and Shanghai etc. Sales manager will select an optimal shipping method for you. For more information, please contact with customer service staff.

Question:How about the package?


Our attachments are packaged by standard export wooden cases free from fumigation.

Question:How about delivery time?


Usually 15 days subject to order quantity. Due to the surge in orders, please check with customer service staff for lead time.

Question:What’s the MOQ and payment terms?


MOQ is 1 set. Payment by T/T, L/C, Credit Card, and Western Union is acceptable. Other payment method can be negotiated.

Question:Can I customize a product?


Sure, we can provide OEM and ODM service.

Question:Are you sure your product will fit my excavator?


Yes, we are professional attachments manufacturer, We make attachments according to your excavator bucket dimensions.

Question:Are you a manufacturer?


Yes, our factory was established in 2011.

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