Demolition attachments

JIANGTU demolition attachments are widely used for heavy duty demolition jobs. They are made of hardox or wear resistant steel, effective with a long service life. They are mainly used for: Materials handling,Demolition,Separation,Mixing,Screening.

JIANGTU Demolition attachments mainly include quick coupler, shear, pulveriser, stone grapple,demolition grapple,orange peel grapple,grab bucket, breaker, crusher and ripper.

  • hydraulic-quick-hitch-for-excavator-SS
    Hydraulic quick hitch for excavator-JIANGTU

    Product Description As one of the leading Excavator quick coupler manufacturers in China, JIANGTU has a full range of quick hitch couplers for excavator from 1.5-90 ton.They are suitable for all kinds […]

  • JIANGTU Double Locking-excavator bucket quick coupler

    MORE DETAILS Safety issues Compared with traditional quick coupler, we add another auto lock on its front hitch ensuing double safety. 1.Independent hydraulic system, the front lock still works well e […]

  • Hydraulic Scrap Shear

    MORE DETAILS JIANGTU Hydraulic scrap shear Main Features 1.Mechanical rotation & 360° motor rotation available; 2.Equipped with German-made M+S motor, more powerful and stable. 3.Using HARDOX400-5 […]

  • Hydraulic Pulverizer

    MORE DETAILS Product description JIANGTU Hydraulic Pulverizer is a perfect tool for secondary demolition and recycling of concrete. High grade steel with special seals keep dust and other debris from […]

  • Hydraulic Crusher

    MORE DETAILS      Why choose us ? 1.  As the leading hydraulic crushers manufacturer in China, we have 10 years experience inhydraulic crusher attachments developing and manufacturing. 2. R&D […]

  • Rotating Stone/Scrap Steel Grapple

    Product Description JIANGTU Stone Grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is mainly used for stone, rock , wood, log, timber and other large scraps handing, moving, loading and organizing. As […]

  • Orange-Peel-Grapple-application
    Orange Peel Grapple

    Product Description JIANGTU Orange Peel Grapple is a kind of grapple attachment. It can be mounted to all common hydraulic excavator as well as mini excavator and other carrier like skid steer loader, […]

  • hydraulic-demolition-grapple-views-yellow
    Demolition Grapple

    Product Description Jiangtu hydraulic demolition grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is used for demolishing, material handling and sorting of all kinds of materials such as rocks, scrap […]

  • excavator-hydraulic-grapple-application
    Hydraulic Grapple-JIANGTU

    Product Description Jiangtu hydraulic grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is used to handle large loads, making it ideal for site cleanup and material handling. As one of the leading hydr […]

  • hydraulic-grabs-for-excavators-from-1.5-23-ton
    5 fingers Hydraulic grab for excavator from 1.5-23 ton

    Product Description The JIANGTU heavy-duty 5 fingers hydraulic grab offers unmatched versatility for all grappling applications. Its unique configuration allows ultimate flexibility and uses around wo […]

Choose right attachments based on different jobsites.