Jiangtu tilt rotator quick hitch received highly praise from customers upon installation

INDUSTRY NEWS 2024-05-22

Recently, we have successively installed Jiangtu’s new tilt rotator quick hitch for customers in Anhui and Henan province. During the installation process,the customers tested the function of our tilt rotator and gave highly recognition to the product performance, quality and service of Jiangtu.

The tilt rotator meets customer needs and expectations in performance and functionality. The customer tested the function of left and right 45°tilt and 360°rotation, and its convenience and safety to grab various attachments such as bucket, wood grapple, and fork. The testing results show that the performance is stable and reliable, and it can efficiently replace the attachments and easy to operate.

The design incorporates innovative concepts and conforms to market needs. Customers has highly appraised its appearance design and functional layout, believing that the product is novel and practical which can improve their work efficiency and usage experience.

During the installation,there is a problem with the control box. Our sales team and after-sales service team actively involved and solved the problem as quickly as possible, winning praise and support from customers.

We will continue to follow customer needs and feedback and continue to improve and optimize the product. Through continuous market research and technological innovation, we will further improve the performance and quality of our products to meet customer needs.

In the future development, we will continue to adhere to the concept of “customer first, quality first”, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and work hand in hand with customers to create a better future! 

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