Excavator bucket


As one of the leading excavator buckets manufacturer in China, JIANGTU has a full range of excavator buckets for machines from 1.5-25 tonne. Included in the range is thumb bucket, tilt bucket, skeleton bucket, clean up bucket, grab bucket, rock bucket, ripper bucket, mini excavator buckets.

Save time, money and increase productivity with the right Excavator Bucket for your application. JIANGTU can help you select the right buckets for your excavator, with over 10 years’experience in the attachments developing and manufacturing.

JIANGTU excavator bucket products are exported and most popular in Asian, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and many other countries.

You can ensure excavator buckets safety by selecting from certified material, including ISO9001, CE, SGS… certification.

JIANGTU Excavator Bucket has 3 main types:

> Thumb Bucket: It is used for demoliting, scrap handling, cleaning, moving, loading, sorting and organizing matterials in order.

> Tilt Buckets: Tilt Buckets increase productivity for sloping, trenching, grading, or ditch cleaning.

> Ditch Cleaning Bucket: The ditch cleaning bucket specifically engineered for ditch cleaning, loam and sand.