JIANGTU Mini Excavator

JIANGTU Mini Excavator is beautiful, high configuration, low fuel consumption, wide operating range, it is suitable for vegetable planting, campus greening municipal departments, digging holes to plant trees, mixed concrete pavement breakage, sandstone material, in the narrow place construction work, the use of connectors can add attachments tools such as drilling, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic shear, claw, etc, which can reduce the cost of maintenance and operation, liberate the workforce, improve the degree of mechanization, less investment, high return.

JIANGTU Mini  Excavator has 6 different types:

JT18-5: Japanese yoma engine, low fuel consumption, cast steel structure, scratch resistant, track shrinkage/expansion to adapt to different sizes of operating space, with rotating arm cylinder and removable driving canopy.
JT18rc-5: based on the JT18-5, it can be operated manually and remotely.
JT20-5: on the basis ofJT18-5, the original imported engine of kohler of Italy is adopted.
JT25-5: on the basis of JT18-5, streamline design, more beautiful shape, relatively large size, wider track.
JT30-5: on the basis of JT25-5, it is rugged, larger in size and fixed in track size.
JT35-5: on the basis of JT30-5, fixed driving canopy with window, more comfortable and safe configuration.