Excavator quick couplers


JIANGTU Excavator quick couplers, also named as a quick hitch, bucket pin grabber, quick connector, can quickly connect various attachments (bucket, hydraulic breaker, plate compactor, log grapple, ripper, etc…) on excavators, which can expand the scope of use of excavators and can save time and improve working efficiency.

As one of the leading Excavator quick coupler manufacturers in China, JIANGTU has a full range of quick hitch couplers for excavators from 1.5-90 ton. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators.

3  types of JIANGTU Excavator Quick Couplers :

>Excavator Hydraulic Quick Couplers :Driven by a hydraulic system, Jiangtu hydraulic quick coupler makes excavator attachments switch automatically.
>Double locking  Excavator Hydraulic Quick Couplers:Developed from the traditional first-generation quick coupler, double locking hydraulic quick coupler is much safer and has a much longer service life.
>Excavator Manual Quick Couplers:Working like bolt and nut, Jiangtu mechanical quick coupler switches attachments manually.

Main Features of JIANGTU Excavator Quick Couplers :

1. 12 months warranty;
2. Q345B materials body with USA-made solenoid valve;
3. Original Germany-made oil seals and joints;
4. Original Japan-made switch;
5. Full set spare parts ready for installation: