Handling attachments

As an excavator attachments manufacturer with 10 years experience, we can offer you series handling attachments like quick coupler, all kinds of grapple, bucket, forking lift. They are widely used in grabbing, classifying, loading and unloading jobs.

  • JIANGTU Double Locking-excavator bucket quick coupler

    MORE DETAILS Safety issues Compared with traditional quick coupler, we add another auto lock on its front hitch ensuing double safety. 1.Independent hydraulic system, the front lock still works well e […]

  • Rotating Log Grapple

    Product Description Jiangtu Log Grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is mainly used for wood, log, timber, stone, rock and other large scraps handing,moving,loading and organizing. As one […]

  • Excavator bucket with thumb

    MORE DETAILS JIANGTU Excavator Bucket with thumb(Excavator Bucket Thumbs) Description: Excellent performance with high durability. The company has been developed to meet with the high standards of the […]

  • Lifting Fork

    MORE DETAILS        

  • Rotating Stone/Scrap Steel Grapple

    Product Description JIANGTU Stone Grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is mainly used for stone, rock , wood, log, timber and other large scraps handing, moving, loading and organizing. As […]

  • Orange-Peel-Grapple-application
    Orange Peel Grapple

    Product Description JIANGTU Orange Peel Grapple is a kind of grapple attachment. It can be mounted to all common hydraulic excavator as well as mini excavator and other carrier like skid steer loader, […]

  • hydraulic-demolition-grapple-views-yellow
    Demolition Grapple

    Product Description Jiangtu hydraulic demolition grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is used for demolishing, material handling and sorting of all kinds of materials such as rocks, scrap […]

  • Hydraulic Thumb

    MORE DETAILS JIANGTU hydraulic thumb advantages (1) The wide opening width with light weight maximize the operation efficiency with light weight. (2) Unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise 360 degree […]

  • excavator-hydraulic-grapple-application
    Hydraulic Grapple-JIANGTU

    Product Description Jiangtu hydraulic grapple is a kind of excavator attachments which is used to handle large loads, making it ideal for site cleanup and material handling. As one of the leading hydr […]

  • hydraulic-grabs-for-excavators-from-1.5-23-ton
    5 fingers Hydraulic grab for excavator from 1.5-23 ton

    Product Description The JIANGTU heavy-duty 5 fingers hydraulic grab offers unmatched versatility for all grappling applications. Its unique configuration allows ultimate flexibility and uses around wo […]