Hydraulic Crusher

The JT has been developed to meet with the high standards of the current market. The demand for high durability and low maintenance costs on hydraulic equipment are combined in the total design of our stone grapple.


Hydraulic scrap shear

Hydraulic Scrap Shear Application JIANGTU hydraulic scrap shears for industrial demolition of steel structures like buildings, tanks and many more. As well our shears are used in scrapyards, where they are widely used in steel scrap and scrap car factories. Share this product: Get a fast quote Main FeaturesTechnical ParametersDownload Material Hardox NM400-500 steel. Durable…

Hydraulic Crusher

Hydraulic Crusher Application JIANGTU Hydraulic Crusher can be used to demolish buildings and constructions. Share this product: Main FeaturesTechnical ParametersDownload JIANGTU Hydraulic Crusher Main Features 1.Mechanical rotation & 360° motor rotation available; 2.Equipped with German-made M+S motor, more powerful and stable. 3.Using HARDOX400-500 steel for shears. 4.Special cylinder design. 5.CE Certificate. MORE DETAILS Contact me…