Jiangtu 2024 New design double-safety quick hitch coupler


At the beginning of the new year, good news comes one after another. The launch of tiltrotator quick hitch has attracted widespread attention. Jiangtu 2024 New design double-safety quick coupler has received many positive comments, and orders keep pouring in.

The biggest advantage of 2024 New design double-safety quick coupler is that it adopt a double lock safety structural design that complies with EU standards. When encountering problems such as cylinder internal leakage and piston rod breakage, the attachments’s rear pin can be locked immediately, ensuring its safety.

Its structural design is more compact, and its overall size is smaller and lighter than the previous one. The excavator loses less digging force and reduces fuel consumption.

24 Double-locking Quick Coupler can cover large pins center distance adjustment range, it can cover 120mm difference, achieving multiple uses on different attachments.

The key component of the Quick Coupler -the “rear hook”, adopts a double-layer chute design, which makes the overall force of the product more even, making it more suitable for carrying heavy-weight attachments. Thanks to machining precisely, the quick coupler has higher accuracy, tighter fit with the housing, small vibration amplitude, and an 80% reduction in impact force compared with the previous design, thus greatly extending the service life.

Another key component of the Qucik Coupler -the “front hook”, with integrated hook design, can avoid quality problems like welding cracking.

In terms of product structure, such as the rear hook slide and chute, the fixture is used when welding to control the tolerance within 1mm, ensuring the product accuracy.

All 24 Double-locking Quick Coupler‘s components are made of high-strength plates and welded with high-performance welding wires to ensure the service life.

The above is the reason that Jiangtu can offer “one-year warranty and 6-month replacement”!

The reputation of Jiangtu products is well-known in the industry. Some customers have been using Jiangtu Quick Coupler for 9 years. They all say that Jiangtu Quick Coupler is expensive, but considering the service life and after-sales costs, Jiangtu’s price/performance ratio is very good!

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