Looking for the longest service life excavator grapple from JIANGTU

ACTIVITY 2024-07-01

Yantai Jiangtu Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is launching a global award-winning collection activity. We are collecting the grapple products with the longest service life produced by our company (including OEM products). All users of rotating grapples produced by our company can participate. You only need to provide the product number(SN), photos and videos to sign up. The awards will be ranked according to product service life from high to low. And all participating customers will receive prizes (limited to the top 50 ).

The awards and prizes are set as follows:

First place: 1 product coupon worth USD300 and 1 gift worth USD350.

Second place: 1 product coupon worth USD200 and 1 gift worth USD170.

Third place: 1 product coupon worth USD100 and 1 gift worth USD170.

Participation prize: 1 Souvenir (worth USD100) and 1 product coupon (USD30 off for purchases over USD150, limited to the top 50 ).

Welcome to sign up.Please contact our agents or sales, or sign up through the following methods.


Note: Coupons is available for orders over USD2,000.The final interpretation right belongs to Yantai Jiangtu Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.



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