Rock Grabs/Grapples for excavators


Looking for a rock grapple for your excavator or backhoe?

JIANGTU Rock grab supplies a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic Grapples. They are also known as Stone grapple, Rotating rock grapple, Hydraulic grabs, rock grapple bucket, Orange Peel Grapple, Demolition grapple.

We produce and sell high-quality, high-reliability rock grabs, which are ideal for stone, rock, steel, log and other large scraps handing, moving, loading and organizing.

As one of the leading hydraulic grab manufacturers in China,  JIANGTU has a full range of stone grapples for excavators from 1.5-90 ton. They are suitable for all kinds of brands and models of excavators.

Main Features of JIANGTU Rock grabs:

● Driven by M+S motor with brake valve; cylinder with SUA safety valve(USA SUN brand).

● 3+2, 4+3,5+4 fingers for your option.

● Throuttle, pressure reducin valve, relief valve (all the valve are USA SUN brand) are in.

● electrical and hydraulic control systems, making it safer and much more stable and durable in use.

Excavator Rock grab/grapple video

We are sincerely looking for Rock Grapple dealers from all global markets. Competitive price, policy support. For more information, please contact us.