Jiangtu 180° Tilting Quick Hitch Coupler

INDUSTRY NEWS 2023-05-04

Today I would like to introduce you a new excellent product in the last two years, JIANGTU 180° tilting quick hitch coupler.


Tilting Quick Hitch Coupler is also a fully automatic double locking type quick hitch coupler. In addition to helping the excavator operator to achieve the automatic and fast switching of various attachments such as digging buckets and breakers in the driver’s cab, it can also tilt the digging bucket left and right 90°and a maximum of 180°in one direction, realize the excavation of unconventional positions like under the pipe and wall root, expand the working scope of the machine, save time, and improve work efficiency.

Inspired by Australian and German quick hitch, Jiangtu engineers have independently developed this product with a national utility model patent, appearance patent, and European CE certification for 2 years. At present, it sells well in Australia, Europe and the United States, and other countries.

The main feature of this product is that it can drive the main attachments such as the digging bucket to tilt up to 180 degrees, similar attachments like the plate compactor can be tilted up to 140 degrees.


To achieve this function, we rely on its tilting cylinder. The swing cylinder used in the JiangTu swing fast connector has a large torque, which already exceeds that of European swing fast connectors;
The reason why this function can be achieved depends on its tilting cylinder.

The tilting cylinder used in Jiangtu tilting quick hitch has a large torque, which has exceeded its kind in Europe;
A large torque means a large driving force, and it can drive heavy attachments within the permissible weight range, such as plate compactor.


The tilting cylinder also has an internal integrated oil hose (patent number) to avoid external piping wear and tear while maintaining a neat appearance.

Through the reasonable compact shape design, it can reduce its height and weight, reduce the loss of excavation force, save fuel consumption, and improve work efficiency at the same time.


Through the scientific structural design, the force point is on the lower plate when driving the digging bucket. Compared with the ordinary quick hitch force point on the piston rod of the oil cylinder, this can reduce the wear of the hydraulic cylinder, extend its service life, and prolong the service life of the connector.


It continues the safety of fully automatic double-locking hydraulic quick hitch with multiple safety guarantees such as safety springs, safety hooks, and safety valves.


A linkage safety hook is installed at the rear tiger’s mouth of the quick hitch (see figure). If the front tiger’s mouth or hydraulic cylinder piston rod breaks, the safety hook can lock the digging bucket pin to prevent the digging bucket and other tools from falling and causing danger.
The safety spring is another kind of insurance. when there are problems such as leakage in the cylinder, if there is no safety spring, the cylinder will retract and drive the safety hook to retract. The attachment will be easily separated from the quick hitch, and the safety spring will prevent the retraction of the cylinder and safety hook to achieve the purpose of protection.
In addition, the hydraulic cylinder has a built-in safety valve to prevent cylinder retraction, forming multiple safety protections.
Therefore, JiangTu’s after-sales service promises six months of replacement and one year of warranty. This after-sales guarantee leaves other quick hitch brands in the Chinese market far behind.

Other advantages of tilting quick hitch coupler. :

1.Use high-strength manganese steel and advanced integrated mechanical design for durability;
2. The product is mature t and all models are available, suitable for excavators from 0.8 to 25 tons
3. The design is simple, without exposed hydraulic cylinders, which allows it to be used in the most harsh environments without easily damaged parts, easy to install and maintain.
4. The adjustable center distance design allows you to easily select and match a wider range of attachments. For example, the JT02 used in the Doosan DH55 excavators can match buckets with pin center distance of 250-300mm..
5. Compared with European and American products, our tilting quick hitch has a rear tiger’s mouth, and the rear tiger’s mouth is made entirely of round bars, with better strength, durability, and fracture resistance. At the same time, guide plates are added to the rear tiger’s mouth to make it easier to hang digging buckets and other attachments.
6. Under the high precision process of assembly, welding and boring, taking JT06 with opening 250-260mm as an example, the front end movable tiger mouth is widened to 245-255mm,that is, the 5mm is reduced compared with the opening, and so on, so as to achieve the gap of unilateral 2.5mm when hanging hammer or digging bucket, so as to prevent the gap from being too large and wear too fast, and to prevent the hammer sleeve from falling out.
7、Unique electromagnetic valves and small steel pipe bases: the electromagnetic valves have almost never been replaced from the beginning; the small steel pipe base is beautifully cast and durable, while other brands are simply screwed on and easily slip off.


8、The pipes and other accessories are also of the best quality.

The JiangTu tilting quick hitch can be used with various types of digging buckets, grapples, and rippers, and is also suitable for most common brands of excavators, such as case580, cat420, cat428, cat423, jcb3cx, jcb4cx, etc.


Jiangtu Quick Hitch products are complete in variety and of excellent quality. Some customers have used them for 9 years and say that JiangTu quick hitches are expensive, but considering the usage time and after-sales costs, the cost-effectiveness of JiangTu quick hitch is still higher!

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