JIANGTU excavator attachment orders are as prosperous as spring

ACTIVITY 2024-03-06

Don’t miss spring, the beginning of a year, it’s the time to work hard. After the Jingzhe, spring is approaching, and Jiangtu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is booming: busy with production, rushing orders, and expanding sales… striving to achieve a “good start” in the first quarter and play a spring prelude to the entire year’s production

In the production workshop, the machines are roaring, and all the production sections are working at full capacity. All processes are advancing intensively. The workers perform their duties and skillfully operate the machinery and equipment.

The company started production on 8th Jan. lunar month, and works overtime every day. Now production and sales are booming, and orders have been scheduled until May. We have taken a variety of improvement measures to ensure delivery…” said the workshop director.

Jiangtu Attachments has won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign markets for its excellent product quality! Especially for quick couplers, everyone in China knows that they last 9 years since being used!

Review from German customer D************Y


Review from British customer G***M

Review from Italian customer A**L

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, Jiangtu has received many customers from all over the world, got opportunities for face-to-face communication with customers. At Bauma Shanghai in November this year, Jiangtu will also participate in the exhibition with its latest products.


Jiangtu Heavy Industry adheres to the international development strategy and always adheres to the development philosophy of “quality first, integrity-based, service first”, constantly expands new customers at home and abroad, expands the scale of foreign trade exports, and opens up a new situation of higher-level international exchanges and cooperation.



With nearly 10 years sales and service experience, We continually invents and develops our products to provide our customers with the optimal performing products.


We mainly sold our products to China, Russia, USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa etc.


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