Twelve-year factory celebration promotion. Jiangtu excavator attachments up to 10% off, new products up to 40% off!

ACTIVITY, NEWS 2024-05-08

In May of this year, Jiangtu celebrated its twelfth anniversary. In the past twelve years, Jiangtu adheres to the concept of “quality first, integrity-based, service first” and continues to invest in research and development, we will make unremitting efforts to “provide customers with useful excavator attachments”. Therefore, we have gained wide recognition and support from customers at home and abroad.

Just talking about the category of quick coupler, we have developed mechanical quick coupler, hydraulic quick coupler, double lock quick coupler, tilt quick coupler, tilt rotator, cast quick coupler, etc.

For grapples, we have developed wood grapple, stone grapple, log grapple, scrap grab, steel grapple, etc. that are suitable for different working conditions; They can also be customized according to customer preferences in different countries and regions.

Jiangtu’s other categories of products are also gradually improved and increased, and new products are constantly developed.

Since 2012, Jiangtu’s experience in previous BAUMA and exhibitions in the United States, France, Germany and other countries have confirmed Jiangtu’s development process from domestic to international.

The development of Jiangtu cannot be separated from the support and recognition of customers. On the occasion of the factory anniversary, in order to give back to our customers, Jiangtu has specially formulated promotional activities to pass on profits to consumers. Thank you for your continued support and love!

The promotions are as follows:

Purchasing Jiangtu products for more than $20,000 (¥140,000),can enjoy 2% off;

Purchasing Jiangtu products for more than $60,000 (¥420,000), enjoy 4% off, and get 10% off on additional purchases of 2024 new products

Purchasing Jiangtu products for more than $80,000(¥560,000), enjoy 7% off, and get 20% off on additional purchases of 2024 new products.

Purchasing Jiangtu products for more than $100,000(¥700,000), enjoy 10% off, and get 40% off on additional purchases of 2024 new products. Jiangtu will bear all expenses for custumers’ round trip to our company, food, accommodation and transportation.

The new products include tilt rotator, 24 double lock quick coupler, tilt quick coupler, S series quick coupler, 360°rotating plate compactor, 360°rotating pulverizer, and hydraulic shear.

Note: The discounts for this event cannot be enjoyed at the same time as other preferential policies. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to Jiangtu Company.

Looking back on the journey, there are laughter, bitterness and sweetness, but more importantly, the confidence and calmness after growing up, and the firm pace. This confidence comes from the trust and praise of customers. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to purchase. For event details, please contact whatsapp: +86-15653818637



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