How to select a good hydraulic breaker for your excavator or backhoe?

INDUSTRY NEWS 2022-01-03

Nowadays, The use of excavator hammer breaker is more and more widespread. We often see hammers at many job sites, It plays a vital role in urban and rural construction.

The power source of hydraulic breaker is excavator and loader, which can effectively clean up floating stones and soil in the cracks of rocks in the role of excavating the foundation of the building. When choosing a hydraulic breaker, please consider the following aspects:

1) The weight and bucket capacity of the excavator.

The weight of the excavator must be for reference, it can prevent the excavator from falling down because of the heavyweight of the hydraulic breaker when the boom is fully extended. If the hydraulic breaker model is too large, the excavator might fall down, if the hydraulic breaker is too small, the excavator couldn’t exert the function of the excavator, also accelerate the damage of the hydraulic breaker. So the excavator and hydraulic breaker could be fully utilized when their weights match.

2) The working flow and working pressure of the hydraulic breaker.

hydraulic hammer working principle-how does a hydraulic breaker work?

The working flow of hydraulic breakers is different for different hydraulic breakers. The working flow of hydraulic breakers ranges 23L per minute from 400L per minute. When selecting a hydraulic breaker, the working flow of the hydraulic breaker must be consistent with the output flow of the excavator spare valve. The working flow determines the working frequency of the hydraulic breaker, that is the impacts per minute, the working flow is proportional to the number of impacts. When the output flow of the excavator spare valve is larger than the demand flow of the hydraulic breaker, the hydraulic system will generate too much heat, which will cause the system temperature too high and reduce the service life of the components.

3) The structure of the hydraulic breaker

JIANGTU hydraulic breakers have three most common appearance designs, side type, top type and box silenced type.

Side type and Top type hydraulic breakers usually use two thick steel splints to protect both sides of the breaker core. This structural design does not protect the front and back of the hydraulic breaker. Their disadvantage is that the noise is bigger than same size box silenced type hydraulic breaker. The steel plates on both sides are easy to loose or break, and the protection of the breaker body is not good.

The structure of box silenced type breaker is that the shell completely encloses the breaker body, and the shell is equipped with damping material, which creates a buffer between the breaker body and the shell and also reduces the vibration of the carrier. Its advantage is that the hydraulic breaker body could provide better protection, low noise, reduces vibration during work. Also, it solves the breaker shell loose. The box silenced type hydraulic breaker would be the mainstream and development trend of the global market.

JIANGTU adopts special carbon steel material and heat treatment process to ensure that the wear of the piston hitting surface is minimized and the service life of the piston is maximized. Piston production adopts precise tolerance control to ensure that the piston and cylinder can be replaced with a single product, reducing maintenance costs. With the improvement of the working parameters of the hydraulic system and the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the shell of the breaker has put forward higher and higher requirements for its sealing system. The NOK brand oil seals ensure our hydraulic breaker low (zero) leakage, low friction and wear, and long service life.

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