JIANGTU Announces 180 Degree Hydraulic Tilt Rotator Quick Hitch Coupler for Excavator

INDUSTRY NEWS 2021-06-23

Recently, Yantai JIANGTU Machinery developed 180 Degree Hydraulic Tilt Quick Hitch Coupler for Excavator

The JIANGTU Newly designed excavator tilt hitch makes your excavator attachments have instant tilt capability, which can be completely tilted 90 degrees in two directions, suitable for excavators from 0.8 tons to 25 tons.

It can help customers realize the following applications:

1. Dig level foundations without having to level the machine tracks.
2. Reduce waste and manual labor when filling pea gravel around pipes and manholes。
3. Carry out rock breaking at the sides of deep trenches where standard couplers can’t reach.
4. Expand the working envelope of the machine when hedge or brush cutting.
5. Ability to reverse buckets to allow the operator to excavate against walls and under pipes.

tilting-quick-coupler- VOVOL -excavator-quick-hitch-for-sale

Its advantages :

1. It can tilt any buckets or attachments up to 180 degree
2. There are No Exposed Cylinders, It is very safe and stable.
3. Our tilt coupler has a Double ( Front & Rear) Safety Lock
4. The powerful spring safety locks work in very tough working environments. Do not worry about the maintenance.
5. It is made of extra high strength steel to increase durability( while optimizing weight), and to improve excavator performance.
6. Variable Pin Centre design allows you to easily pick up and swap the widest range of attachments. Such as this model, can install the attachments with different pin center distances from 230-310mm.

Our JIANGTU tilt hitch coupler can save you much operating time compared to direct mounting your attachments. And can do more complex conditions




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