How to Ensure the Performance of Heavy Equipment?

ACTIVITY 2019-11-23

Known also as engineering equipment or heavy machines, heavy equipment represents a large category of heavy-duty vehicles and big industrial machinery. Having as common attributes strength, oversized dimensions, working performance and long life cycle, heavy equipment is an essential component of the workflow process in many powerful demanding industries like, mining, oil and gas, energy, forestry, construction, civil engineering, military engineering, transportation and many others.

Including high powerful machines like wheel loaders, bulldozers, graders, cranes, oversized trucks, heavy forklift or wood gathers, the heavy equipment industry has been experiencing a near 6% worldwide growth rate during the last decade [1]. This development is fuelled by the permanent needs of humanity of natural resources, geographical spaces exploration, industrial development, transportation infrastructure and new building and architectural big investments.

Heavy equipment overview

Industries using heavy equipment are diverse and encompass many aspects of everyday life, from road construction to forestry, farming, and manufacturing to oil and mineral mining to public works and military applications.



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