Everthing you want to know about Scrap Grab Orange Peel Grapples

INDUSTRY NEWS 2021-08-16

Using Jiangtu Orange Peel Grapples, you can handle virtually any scrap, waste or recycling job with confidence. All are specially designed for excavators between 3 and 36 tons.

Jiangtu series orange peel grapple feature protected hydraulics, high closing forces and easily-accessible lubrication points.

We can also make the orange peel grapple rotating type, with 5 claws or 4 claws, with one pin or double pins. It depends on the customers’ needs. All pins are heat-treated, making the pins firm and durable. We use wear resistant steel for the claws, NM400-NM500, and Q355B for other parts. The protection design makes the cylinders safe and increases the service life. Original German oil seals, balance valve, safety valve making cylinder more durable and safer.

For rotating type orange peel grapple, it has unlimited clockwise and anti-clockwise 360° rotatable swing bearing system, quipped with M+S motor, one famous German brand motor, more powerful and stable. Brake valve makes the grapple safer from accidents. We can use joy sticks to operate the grapple which is more comfortable and flexible for driver. Our joy sticks are imported form Korea and they are very good quality.

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