Complete Excavator Attachments Guide: Different Types and Uses

INDUSTRY NEWS 2022-05-27

How many kinds of attachments can the excavator be equipped with? What is the function of each? After reading the below content, you can get a rough idea about excavator attachments.


Excavator attachment—Bucket

The bucket is a standard accessory device of the excavator. It is responsible for foundation excavation, site leveling, construction waste cleaning, etc. There are many kinds, such as rock buckets, skeleton buckets, tilt buckets, and trench buckets, which play an irreplaceable role in practical applications.



Excavator attachment—Hydraulic breaker

The breaker is the most common attachment of excavators, and excavators are usually equipped with one or more sets. According to the appearance, the breaker is classified into side type, box type, top type, and banana type.
As per the working principle, there are piston breakers and Vibro breakers. At present, the breakers we have seen are basically hydraulic and pneumatic combined piston types: relying on hydraulic oil and rear compressed nitrogen to expand and push the piston to work at the same time. Mainly used for mining ore and demolition concrete.



Excavator attachment—Quick Hitch

Quick hitch, also known as quick coupler. There are mechanical type and hydraulic type, which is designed to switch between hydraulic breaker (or other attachments) and bucket.
Generally, skilled operators can switch in 30 seconds, saving time and improving work efficiency.
Now the popular tilt quick hitch has added the function of 180-degree rotation, which has attracted much attention.



Excavator attachment—Grapple

Excavator grapple includes log grapple, stone grapple, demolition grapple, orange peel grapple, and so on.
There are mainly two types -hydraulic grapple and mechanical grapple. Hydraulic grapple includes hydraulic rotary grapple and fixed grapple.
You can choose according to the materials you want to grab, especially wood, bamboo, stone, steel, scrap, and so on. It is very fast and convenient for loading and unloading trucks.



Excavator attachment—Hydraulic Pulverizer

Hydraulic pulverizer is one of the excellent breaking tools, its blade is forged from hot-rolled steel, and its strength is extremely high, combined with the powerful hydraulic system of the excavator, it can easily break concrete blocks, steel bars, and heterosexual steel.
It is widely used in workplaces such as building demolition, the disintegration of concrete buildings, rescue, and so on.



Excavator attachment—Earth Auger

Earth auger is for drillings, such as utility poles, building piling, photovoltaic power generation, and seedling planting.
Advantages: no additional soil removal is required during the drilling. The work can be completed by one person.
After drilling, the auger drill is lifted, and then the drill is rotated back and forth several times to clear the soil, which greatly improves the operation efficiency.



Excavator attachment—plate compactor

A plate compactor is for tamping of plane engineerings, such as plane, groove, pipe side, and other operations.
Advantages: low failure rate, simple maintenance; compatible with hydraulic breaker pipeline, vibration plate compactor are equipped with shock absorption devices, lightweight, convenient and flexible operation, and good tamping effect.



Excavator attachment—Ripper

Ripper is mainly used for weathered stone construction. It is easier to use for layered work conditions when it is difficult to dig for buckets and is kind of a waste to use a hydraulic breaker.
In such cases, the work efficiency will be greatly improved by using the ripper.
First use a ripper to separate the soil layer or weathered stone layer, and then use a quick hitch to switch to the bucket to load the truck.



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