Types and Features of JIANGTU Hydraulic Quick Hitch Coupler

INDUSTRY NEWS 2023-04-05

Today, we would like to introduce to you star product from Jiangtu with the longest history, the largest shipment volume, and the least after-sales service——Jiangtu Hydraulic Quick Hitch Coupler.

This type of quick hitch coupler has been made since the establishment of Jiangtu, and it is still enduring. The original technology comes from South Korea. After Jiangtu’s own absorption and improvement, it has become mature in terms of ease of use, performance safety, and after-sales support. Even in Yantai Machinery Industry Belt, where quick hitch couplers are everywhere, it still has competitive advantages. It is exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, France, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.


The biggest advantage of Jiangtu hydraulic quick hitch coupler is its after-sales guarantee: six-month replacement and a one-year warranty. This guarantee is beyond the reach of other quick hitch coupler brands in the Chinese market. Quick hitch couplers from Jiangtu are also really competitive. Over the years, there have been few after-sales problems, and some customers have used them for 9 years.

Other advantages and features are as follows:

1. Using high-strength manganese steel and advanced mechanical design of structural integration, it is durable.

2. The safety pin makes the operation more precise, firm, and safe.

3. The oil cylinder is equipped with a one-way safety valve, and the attachment will not fall off in the event of failures such as oil pipe bursting; the rear hook is made of round steel, which is more durable and break-resistant.


4. Under the high-precision process of assembly, welding, and boring, taking the 250-260mm ear width of the conventional JT06 quick coupler as an example, the front hook is widened to 245-255mm, which is 5mm less than the ear width. By analogy, a gap of 2.5 mm on one side should be achieved when hanging a hammer or a bucket to prevent excessive wear and tear and prevent the loose flange of hammer getting out.

5. Unique solenoid valve and small base of iron pipe: the solenoid valve has hardly been replaced from the beginning to the present, and there is only one broken in so many years; the small base of iron pipe is casted by ourselves. Others are screwed on and easy to fall off.

6. Pipelines and other accessories are the best.


Based on the principle of making simple things better and more refined, Jiangtu has established our own product standards and make other brands follow Jiangtu, which has become the industry standard.

With so many advantages, Jiangtu products are even more cost-effective.


Welding hydraulic quick coupler is divided into P-type and H-type:

The pin center distance of P-type can be customized freely, from the smallest pin center distance to the largest pin center distance. We can make quick coupler for excavators from 0.8 to 90 tons.


The pin center distance of the H type is fixed, suitable for a certain pin center distance, and can be customized according to customer needs.


In order to meet the market demand, Jiangtu has further developed the casting hydraulic quick
Hitch coupler which is a hydraulic quick coupler with an Integral shell formed on the hydraulic quick hitch coupler technology is more wear-resistant, has a longer service life, and is more cost-effective.


It has the following advantages:

1. Short production cycle and fast delivery;

2. Save welding process, lower price, more cost-effective, more in line with market demand;

3. The safety pin makes the operation more precise and safer;

4. The heat treatment of the pins reaches 55 degrees, high hardness, not easy to crack, and very durable;

5. The cast steel material contains many types of trace elements such as zinc and manganese, and has high tensile strength and durability;

6. The front and rear hooks have the same width, so it is not easy to fall off;

7. The stress point is on the lower plate, not on the cylinder, so as to prevent the cylinder from breaking;

8. The pin center distance is adjustable, not fixed, the operating elevation angle is larger than other manufacturers, and the excavator can operate a larger range of motion;

9. Fittings such as pipes are better than others.


Jiangtu has been working hard to provide users with suitable, high-quality, cost-effective quick hitch couplers and other attachments. Choose Jiangtu to provide you with a variety of product categories. Welcome to the factory to discuss cooperation!

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