Hydraulic magnets for excavators

Hydraulic magnets are among the most powerful and flexible magnets used to process scrap metal. Because it connects directly to the excavator’s hydraulic lines, it can be installed quickly and does not require any additional power supply. In short: no electricity required, maximum freedom of use. This type of excavator magnet is often used for construction relocation, steel mills, scrap steel and other industries of steel and magnetic materials sorting, distribution and transportation.

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As one of the leading Excavator magnets manufacturers in China, JIANGTU has 12 years of experience in the field of scrap magnet products. Standardized production lines can provide better prices and quality, save costs, and help you turn waste into treasure.

There are two types of JIANGTU excavator hydraulic magnet according to their features:

Hydraulic magnets without teeth(JTP1200/JTP1300)
Hydraulic magnets with teeth(JTP1200T/JTP1300T)

They are mainly used in demolition sites. The teeth are designed to rake debris, facilitating the extraction of ferrous materials.

Hydraulic magnets for excavator specification
Overral sizemmφ1200*11501400*1200*1150φ1300*11501500*1300*1150
magnetic forcegs6000(8000)6000(8000)8000(10000)8000(10000)
Hydraulic pressueMpa200200200200
Oil flowL/min60606060
Excavator Ton18-2518-2525-3525-35

Main features of JIANGTU Excavator Hydraulic Magnets

  • Simple installation, convenient operation, low failure rate;
  • No noise, meet environmental protection requirements;
  • Material high-strength and wear-resistant manganese plate, stronger and more durable in use.
  • By computer optimization design, it has a reasonable structure, light self-weight, high suction power and low energy consumption;
  • The excitation coil has been treated with a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical energy of the coil. The heat resistance level of the reinforced material has reached level C, and the service life is longer;
  • The rated power of ordinary electromagnets has been increased from 50% to 60%, which improves the utilization rate of electromagnets.


Why choose us ?

1. As the leading Hydraulic magnet manufacturer in China, we have 12 years' experience in developing and manufacturing Hydraulic quick hitch.
2. Strong R&D department with 6 professional engineers and more than 40 skilled workers.
3.Strict QC system, ISO9001:2008 and CE certificate.
4.12 months warranty after receiving the product.
5. The OEM/ODM and customization service is available.


Our Services of Hydraulic magnets for excavators

1. We can offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic magnets, excavator magnets, scrap magnets, Excavator Electromagnets.

2. Of course, You may rest assured that all of our products can be supplied in a wide range of designs, and the product can be customized according to your personalized requirements to meet your requirements. Meanwhile, we can offer an excellent after-sale service.

3. Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.

4. We promise to reply to you upon receipt of your inquiry within 12 hours.

5. The order will be produced exactly according to order details and proofed samples, our QC will submit the inspection report before shipment.


1. Offer your design documents or let our design team work out some concepts for choosing.
2. We will always provide you with a virtual pre-production proof that shows the exact placement of your logo on the product.


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