Pipeline Installation and Precautions for Excavator Quick Hitch

INDUSTRY NEWS 2022-07-20

How to install the pipeline of excavator quick hitch and attention points during the processing are shared as below. It is simple. If you are interested in, welcome to check.

1、Installation Pipeline installation steps

First weld the iron pipe to the forearm with the pedestal.
Figure 1

Weld the 90°butt joint above the iron pipe to connect the pipe②
Figure 2

Weld the 90°butt joint to connect pipe ① and well adjust the angle
Figure 3

The distance between the bottom of iron pipe and theforearm.

The 90°butt joint must be tightly topped to the iron pipe. Tighten the pedestal to weld it.
Figure 4

Connect pipe ② to pipe③
Figure 5


Connect the pipe ③ and pipe ④ with the double nipple and tighten the boom with the cable tie.
Figure 6

Connect Pipe④ to nexus A and B of the solenoid value. The solenoid value is stabilized or welded to the bottom of the boom.Two wires of the solenoid value (one connects the solenoid value, another connects the standby wire of mains and is pulled to the cab being connected to the switch.)
Figure 7

Connect Pipe⑤ to the nexus P,T of the solenoid value, the nexus T (oil return) is connected to the hydraulic tank or the return pipeline.
Figure 9

Connect Pipe⑤ to the nexus P,T of the solenoid value P(oil in) will get pilot oil.
Figure 8
Remarks: When the switch is off power and there is oil in the nexus P, nexus A will feeds oil.

1.Switch connection: (1) Green wire connects the solenoid valve. (2) Red wire connects the positive pole. (3) Black wire connects the negative pole. 2.When switch on (turn right), the buzzer alarms, and the cylinder retracts; when switch off (turn left), the cylinder extends.
Figure 10
Remarks:When the switch (turn left) is off ,the cylinder is in a state of oil feeding, it will always tops the pin.

The switch is drilled to be stabilized on the spare switch position.
Figure 11

When change the attachments, switch on (turn right),the forearm cylinder will retract and the fixed hook will be stuck.
Figure 12

When the fixed hook is stuck, slowly extend the forearm cylinder, the coupler will be put down. Then switch off (turn left), the safety pin will be plugged into the identifying hole to lock it according to the instruction.
Figure 13

2、Pipeline installation notice

A. Improper piping installation may shorten the service life of the excavator or cause
failures, so please consult our technical service center when install the pipeline.

B. If you want the tube, hose and solenoid valve work normally under the maximum pressure of excavator large pump, please purchase our original spare parts.

C. If dust or impurities enter into the pipes; please clear it in time, to maintain cleanness.

D.The pipeline can connect with both excavator large pump and excavator pilot pump, as long as the pressure is above the minimum requirement.

E.From excavator cab look at the pipeline, the left side make the cylinder retract means switch on (turn right), the right side make the cylinder stretch out means switch off (turn left). If piping is installed reversely, the action of quick hitch coupler will be contrary to control switch.

F. The voltage that solenoid valve used must be compatible with the excavator battery voltage.

G. Please connect the switch to the excavator battery anode. If connected to the battery directly, parts might be damaged, and even caught fire.

Jiangtu quick hitch has two types: mechanical quick hitch and hydraulic quick hitch.
Hydraulic quick hitch is divided into three types: common hydraulic quick hitch, double locked hydraulic quick hitch, and tilting quick hitch;
You can choose a right quick hitch according to your excavator and working conditions,or contact us to recommend for you.

Click to view “how to replace buckets or other accessories with quick hitch“.
Any questions , please feel free to contact us. Thank you for reading.


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