Rock Bucket – JT-10

Rock bucket

Excellent Performance with High Durability

The JT has been developed to meet with the high standards of the current market.The demand for high durability and low maintenance costs on hydraulic equipment are combined in the total design of our stone grapple.

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(1)Color: Blue/Black/Orange/Gray
(2)Condition: New
(3)Material: Q345/NM400/HARDOX400
(4)Capacity: 0.1m3–8.7m3
(5)Type: Heavy duty rock HDR
(6)Large range G.E.T.: Options
(7)Guarantee: 6 months
(8)Certificate: ISO 9001:2008
(10)Personalised ID plate: FREE

Bucket (GP) Q345 Mainly used for excavation and sand, gravel and soil and other light load operating environment. OEM &

Customizable manufacturing,

Is Available

Bucket (HD) Q345+NM400 Mainly used for digging hard soil, mixed with a relative soft stone and clay, softer stones and other light load operating environment.
Bucket(HDR) Q345+NM400


Used for mining hard gravel mixed with hard soil, sub-hard stone or flint, after blasting or loading, and heavy-loading.



Stone Grapple