Hydraulic Quick Coupler  QUICK-HITCH-COUPLER

Hydraulic Quick Coupler


for all models of excavators.

hydraulic quick coupler is used with construction machines to allow the rapid change of buckets and attachments on the machine. It removes the need to use hammers to manually drive out and insert the mounting pins for attachments. It can be used on excavator, mini excavator, backhoe loader and so on.

Main Features: 

1.Driven by hydraulic oil, operate efficiently.

2.The oil cylinder with safety valve can prevent the attachments from falling off and ensure safety when the oil pipe bursts.

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1.12 months warranty after receiving the machine;

2.Q345B materials with Korea made solenoid valve;

3.German made oil seals and joints;

4. Japan made switch;

5. All spare parts ready for installation(pins,pipes,solenoid valve,switch,manual,kit,etc.)



hydraulic quick coupler
hydraulic quick coupler
quick coupler for excavator
hydraulic quick coupler

Why should you choose us?
1、 All in One Body Design
Increasing durability 10 times more than the couplers with welded parts

One coupler for multiple brands of equipment with the same excavator weight class

2, Full Automatic safety System
A switch in the cab enables you to have the safety pin in its”lock”or release position effortlessly.

a revolutionary technology to turn on and off the safety pin.

hydraulic quick coupler feature
mini excavator quick coupler

How to choose a high quality excavator quick coupler?

  1. If it is a brand productor with a goodreputation?

  2. Checkthe company’s qualification and strengthmaking sure the quality is guaranteed.

  3. Check the company’s technical team making sure the products are safe enough.

  4. How is its after-sales service? few faults?easy to operate?

  5. Ensurethat it matchesyour excavator and attachments well.

mechanical quick coupler for excavator
mechanical quick coupler for mini excavator


1.Can mini excavator use quick hitch coupler?

Yes, we can provide quick hitch coupler for excavator from 1.5 to 90 ton.

2.Can you make the quick hitch coupler according to my requirements?

Yes, we can provide customized service and we produce the quick hitch coupler according to your excavator and requirements.

3.I want a quick hitch coupler, what is the price?

What’s the model or weight of your excavator? There are three types: Double-Locking type, Mechanical type, Hyaraulic type.Which type would you like?

4.Are you sure this coupler can match with my excavator?

Yes sure, we will make the coupler according to your excavator size. Please provide specific size according to our size chart.